Board of Directors

Concordia Lutheran Schools of Omaha is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization with seventeen member congregations of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod. Concordia Lutheran Schools, through its member congregations, elects a Board of Directors. The function of the Board is to develop, monitor, and enforce policy through the Policy Governance Manual. The Board presents an annual budget to the delegates for approval and conducts an annual audit. Policies are carried out through the Head of Schools, the chief executive officer of the school.

Board Members:

Lee Handke; President (Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church)
Ryan Hahn; Vice-President (GraceHill Lutheran Church)
Rob Lindau; Secretary (Zion Lutheran Church)
Kim Sucha; Treasurer (St. Timothy’s Lutheran Church)
Pastor Caleb Kruse; Pastoral Representative (Lord of Life-Elkhorn)
Charista Baye (King of Kings Lutheran Church)
Alison Betten (GraceHill Lutheran Church)
Andy Linkhart (Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church)

Joe Risko (Pacific Hills Lutheran Church)

Kevin Warneke (Pacific Hills Lutheran Church)