Tammy Latimer

Tammy Latimer was raised in Lewiston, Idaho until she was 16 when her family moved to Alberta, Canada. She met her husband, Rob, there and had three children-Andrew, Reid, and Emma. In 2001, her family moved to Bend, Oregon for her husband's work. This is where she had the first opportunity to work at a Lutheran school and enroll her children. In 2007, the Latimer family moved to Mainland China where they served for 11 months with LCMS World Missions. After that year of service, the family moved to Omaha and were pleased to enroll their children in Concordia Lutheran Schools of Omaha.  All three children graduated from Concordia and went on to attend college in various parts of the US.

Tammy became the International Studies Director in 2017 and has thoroughly enjoyed it. She was blessed to have a wonderful support network when living in China and now loves to support the international community at Concordia.  Tammy also manages the Alumni program and produces a monthly newsletter. She also is responsible for the quarterly Concordia Omaha Foundation newsletter. Two of her favorite things about Concordia are the family atmosphere and that parents can be confident that the staff and leadership are positive, faith-filled role models for their children!