Nicolai Love

Nicolai Love is a native of Seward, NE, growing up on the campus of Concordia University where his step-dad and next-door neighbors were science professors.  He attended Lutheran schools through undergrad, first attending St. John in Seward from K–8, then Lincoln Lutheran for High School, before finishing his undergrad studies at Concordia University in Seward. 

His first call out of college was to Lutheran High in Little Rock, AR.  While there, he taught chemistry, AP chemistry, physics, advanced physics, as well as math, and Old Testament.  After three years he accepted a call to teach at Saxony Lutheran High School in Jackson, MO.  Physical science, chemistry, and physics were staple courses he taught every year but also taught personal finance and algebra I a few years as well.  During his time teaching at Saxony, he completed his Masters in Science Education through Montana State University.  His research focused on how teaching the nature of science influences students' abilities in higher-level thinking skills as outlined by Bloom’s taxonomy.  After seven years, God called him and his family back to Nebraska to teach at Concordia Sr. High where he is currently teaching chemistry, dual credit chemistry, and anatomy. 

Nicolai and his wife Sarah are high school sweethearts.  Sarah taught at an elementary school for three years before they were blessed with their first child, at which point Sarah started staying home with the kids and still is to this day.  They have been blessed to have four kids, each with science initials for their names.  Hannah, the eldest, is HCL and is the strong acid of the family.  Martin is MOL which is Avogadro’s constant.  Elaina is ENL for e natural log and is associated with population growth since having three kids increases the population of the world.  Abigail, the youngest, is ACL for being the fourth kid and one of four primary ligaments in the knee to support the body. 

Nicolai’s hobbies include board games, video games, talking science with his brothers, Legos, reading, piano, and playing with his kids.  Another interesting fact about Nicolai is that he celebrated his Gigasecond birthday recently and met his wife initially at the Lego table in fourth grade.